Car Break-ins

On the night of 10/11/17, into the early morning hours of 10/12/17, there were multiple car break-ins along the north end of Ocean Blvd.  All vehicles that were broken into were unlocked.  There has been no reported forced entry.  Items taken from the unlocked vehicles were small in size and easy to transport.  There were larger value items that were left untouched.  Most noted items taken were cash, loose change, i-Pods, gift cards, and any other small items.  We highly encourage you to ALWAYS lock your vehicle, no matter where you are.  We are still investigating these cases.  If you have any information regarding these incidents, please call the Rye Police at 603-964-5522 or 603-964-7450.  You may also leave an anonymous tip through Seacoast Crime Stoppers at 603-431-1199 or 207-439-1199.