The Rye Police Department consists of 10 full-time officers, 6 part-time officers, and 1 full-time administrative assistant. In addition, we have staffing for parking enforcement and animal control. We serve a community of over 5,000 year-round residents. During summer months, the population increases due to summer residents returning to town. The daytime population in the summer swells to over 20,000 with visitors to the many beaches, state parks and other attractions.

Department Roster

Full-Time Officers

Chief Kevin Walsh Ā (

Deputy Chief Scott Blaisdell Ā (

Lieutenant Heather Cote (

Sergeant Daniel Fuglestad (

Officer Mark WebsterĀ Ā (

Officer Mark Lynch (

Officer Brendan McKenney (

Officer Charles Graham (

Officer Joshua McAllister (

Officer Zackary Madeiros (

Part-Time Officers

Officer David BlandingĀ  (

Officer Jeffrey PeirceĀ  (

Officer John Trainor (

Officer Janine Harrington (

Administrative Assistant

Serena Schwartz (

Parking Enforcement

Amanda Larivee Ā (

Animal Control

Kacie Post (