IRS Phone Scam

Please be aware that there is currently a phone scam going around.  The persons involved are claiming to be from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).  The caller is a computer generated voice, claiming that this is the person's final notice and there will be charges filed against them.  The voice then advises the person to call a phone number for more information.  It is very important to NEVER give out your date of birth or Social Security Number over the phone if you aren't certain as to who is asking for it.  If you aren't positive you are speaking with the actual IRS, it is best to disconnect with the person and look up the phone number yourself and call them.  The IRS typically does their corresponding via mail, not by phone.  Common scammers will typically ask for payments by prepaid debit cards or by wire transfers.  Please see the attached link for more information regarding IRS scammers.