NH Flood Safety Awareness Week Tip #1

It’s NH Flood Safety Awareness Week! Each day this week, we’re highlighting a simple thing that you (or anyone) can do now to prepare for when a flood happens. Here’s today tip:


#1: Find out if you live near a high risk flood zone.


It’s easy! Visit msc.fema.gov and type in your address to find FEMA flood zones nearby. Zones that begin with a letter A or V are high risk zones.


It’s important to know if you live near a high risk zone, but remember that a flood can happen anywhere it rains. Even people who live in lower risk areas should take steps to prepare for a flood. Stay tuned the rest of this week for more easy things you can do to be ready for a flood.


For even more information about flooding and flood safety, visit the State of New Hampshire’s Flood Safety Awareness Week webpage and readynh.gov/disasters/floods.