Sick Dogs Update

Rye Police Department

Press Release


Date of Release: February 20, 2019


Reference: Test results of canine


Since November 19, 2018, the Rye Police Department has been taking numerous reports of dogs becoming sick after walking between Wallis Road Extension and Wallis Sands State Beaches. The dog owners/guardians reported the dogs appeared to have eaten something and within a short time, became sick. From the 14 reports made to Rye Police, the dog owners/guardians showed the animal control officer the same general location where the dogs had eaten something on the beach.


Some dog owners located, what appeared to be, something edible in the same area and turned the treat/food like item into the Rye Police.  During that time, a dog owner reported walking their dog in same area and eating something and a short while later, the dog past away while at home. Both the treat/food like item and the deceased dog were brought to the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. All evidence was then sent to a veterinary diagnostic laboratory in Michigan.


Lab results of the items submitted for analysis showed that caffeine was detected in both items submitted. The lab results need to be evaluated further to confirm if the caffeine amounts are consistent with each item submitted for testing.


The Rye Police Department is asking dog walkers to always be aware of your dog’s actions.  Be close enough to control your dog and be observant of their behaviors.


The incident is still under investigation. Anyone with information can call 603-964-5522 or send a tip to Seacoast Crime Stoppers.